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Board Workshop Programme

February 27, 2014 - In Assignment Portfolio, Strategic Change and Organisational Effectiveness Assignments - No comments yet

Topics covered: 

European Moving Services Company – Principal Client: The Chief Executive

Business Issue

Following a reorganisation, a new executive team was given enlarged responsibilities for a bigger geographical area.  The Chief Executive aimed to establish foundations quickly to create a growth strategy and wanted to bring the executive group together to discuss the critical opportunities and agree the key elements of a framework for running the business.  In particular, a new vision for the business and its people was identified as important following a succession of changes.  It was also critical that the group of executives leading the business were developed into a leadership team which would command respect and engage the next levels of management and communicate the new direction to the whole company.

How We Helped

Initially we held individual meetings with executive team members and developed an agenda for discussion with the CEO.  This included our recommendations for objectives and session design for a Board Workshop Programme.  After getting further input, we developed the workshop programme objectives and session content and obtained agreement for the complete design.  Then we facilitated the Board Workshop, gained everyone’s contribution and collated the decisions generated by the sessions.

Outcomes and Results

A new sense of common purpose was established among the executive team and this, along with inputs about the type of organisation the company aspired to be contributed to the creation of a new vision for the business.  Executive accountabilities and interdependencies were considered and grey areas clarified.  Guiding principles were developed to shape organisational behaviour and service delivery to enable the sustainable achievement of good performance.  A new set of performance measures that were relevant to the whole organisation were also identified for further development.  A review of strengths and weaknesses was completed in relation to the performance measures.  Finally, a short term development plan was agreed for widening the ownership of the new vision, address the priorities for development and commence the implementation of change.

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