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Board Workshop

February 27, 2014 - In Assignment Portfolio, Strategic Change and Organisational Effectiveness Assignments - No comments yet

Topics Covered:

Large UK Logistics Company – Principal Client: Chief Executive

Business Issue  

A large logistics company that had successfully moved into a number of client business sectors and had also integrated a recent acquisition, was seeking to establish a new base line from which to develop and grow the business.  The Managing Director and the executive board wanted to review the current situation and in particular specific areas for improvement along with new business opportunities.

How We Helped

We were asked to conduct a review through meeting with all the board members and discussing the major opportunities and issues facing the company.  The main purpose of the meetings was to provide each director with the chance to contribute their views to assist in the development of a board workshop agenda.  We developed a semi-structured meeting agenda based on our Model for Organisational Integration and Effectiveness which aligns structure, processes and systems, people and culture with business purpose and direction.  After analysing the findings from the director meetings, we designed and facilitated an off-site board workshop. The programme consisted of a number of inter-related sessions that identified objectives and the working processes to enable these to be achieved.

Outcomes and Results

The board workshop addressed a number of important topics: new market opportunities, customer relationship management, quality management, risk management and managing performance.  Sub-groups worked on specific topics and developed proposals for change and presented these to the whole board.  The proposals were discussed and priorities identified.  Then strategies for change were developed that included implementation plans.  Finally, immediate next steps were agreed to ensure a fast start to implementation.

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