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The Competitive Environment

To achieve and sustain a strong competitive position, an organisation needs to be market focused, customer orientated and agile in response to change.  Demanding customers and challenging competitors mean that improving performance and building organisational capability need to be constant aims for managers.  Leading and engaging employees in the pursuit of excellence and satisfying stakeholders expectations are also key priorities.


Organisational Effectiveness

Excellent organisations aim and strive for organisational effectiveness; the ability to maximise results in the competitive external environment.

All organisations interact and conduct relationships with external parties; businesses with customers, shareholders, suppliers and other stakeholders; government bodies with service recipients and other stakeholders; voluntary organisations with beneficiaries, financial contributors and other stakeholders.


Our Difference

Given the rich variety of opportunities and issues that need to be addressed to develop organisational effectiveness, we use a holistic approach.  The critical relationships between business purpose and direction, structure, people, culture and processes and systems in building effectiveness and enabling change are at the heart of our approach.

Most of all, we believe that effective leadership in management is key to strategic and cultural change.  Our considerable experience and passion about the development of leadership in managing organisations to achieve excellence means that we can select and apply methodologies appropriate to your organisation.



Leading Effectively

how we help you

'In leading an organisation to realise its aspirations, it is critical for the leadership to relate current reality to the vision of the future. This is both an inspirational activity and a task of reason. People need to believe that the ambitions for the future are possible if not probable. For managers to be effective as leaders they must engage their people in both the shaping of the vision of the future and an analysis of the organisation's current reality.' -From organisational Effectiveness by Richard Nelson


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