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Executive Development in Coaching

February 27, 2014 - In Assignment Portfolio, Managing Performance Assignments - No comments yet

Topics covered:          

International Automotive Consultancy – Principal Client: Human Resource Director

Business Issue

The company employs a large number of highly qualified engineers who primarily work on consultancy projects and developing the skills required for consultancy.  It recognised that project delivery should be part of how managers focused development.  To provide improved development capability, the company decided to build an in-house coaching resource.  The coaching needs were believed to be substantial and to identify the priority skill areas for coaching, we were asked to conduct some research among a number of selected managers and directors and make recommendations.

How We Helped

The research into the coaching requirement involved a range of directors and next level managers to ensure that different disciplines were represented.  The broad areas of research were: organisational context and climate, leadership and people management and the management of performance.  The analysis of the research identified relationship building, giving performance feedback, communication skills, taking on commercial responsibilities, influencing and more effective one-to-ones as key priorities for coaching.  We also identified cultural characteristics that would be enabling to coaching and ones that could be inhibiting. Presented to the Board, our recommendations emphasised the need for leadership by the Directors in establishing a coaching capability.

Outcomes and Results     

Specific recommendations focused on developing a leadership approach that would foster coaching and develop capabilities in direction setting, influencing, managing performance and coaching for performance improvement and developing potential.  We presented an overview of a Directors Coaching Workshop which covered leadership and managing performance followed by a number of coaching sessions, including a coaching model, planning, coaching styles to meet different employee needs and practical coaching sessions using real work based cases.  The recommendations were accepted and we ran a number of coaching workshops for the Directors.     

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