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Gain Productivity Through Managers’ Performance

April 3, 2014 - In Featured, Leadership and Management articles - No comments yet

The US and UK economies are showing some further signs of life, no significant hiccups since our February Column, but there are concerns about sustainability.  Cautious business investment, rising house prices and growing household debt could suggest a growth spurt based on poor fundamentals.  In the UK, the mystery of weak productivity is worrying some economists.

So what can organisations do to improve productivity and build capability that will be sustainable?  Getting managers to do more management is our suggestion.  Not old- fashioned chasing, hassling and breathing down people’s necks, but setting clear direction, developing common purpose and encouraging their people to work effectively and efficiently.  To improve productivity there needs to be more output for less input.  This requires everyone to know exactly what they should be doing to maximise their contribution, focusing on those tasks which will deliver the most and not being distracted by minor activities.  Also they need to be doing those tasks in the best possible way, quickly but with a firm eye on quality so there is no task repetition and no waste.

Executive managers can take the lead and encourage their senior and middle managers to engage their people in the drive to improve productivity.  To do this effectively and get the right response from managers, executives need to communicate the new drive for productivity in an inspiring way, promise their availability to provide support, when requested, and be prepared to give their senior and middle managers space and headroom to manage.

Managers at every level will need to apply leadership to improve productivity.  It is important to recognise this is an initiative for the whole organisation; to embed the sustainable capability to generate high productivity.  Practically, managers may find some help to achieve the necessary productivity gains useful.  Productivity Leadership Workshops, highly tailored to the needs of your organisation will bring managers up to speed in a consistent way, boost their confidence and make them want to improve their performance.

The Workshops can be designed to address relevant productivity improvement opportunities in the business and run in a facilitating and learning style rather than a lecturing and training style typical of standard programmes.  The Workshops can be structured around key topic content which can be delivered to stimulate ideas, refresh effective leadership, management behaviours and practice and build confidence.

Key topic content suggested is:

Productivity Leadership Workshops can make a huge difference for managers and their people as the Workshops enable them to stand back from day to day operations and develop new, more efficient ways of working for task completion.  This manager led approach to improving productivity can achieve more for less.

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