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HR in the 21st Century – A High Level Summary By Richard Nelson

May 4, 2011 - In Strategic Change and Organisational Effectiveness - No comments yet

The Development Context

The future of HR is closely related to the current/future needs of organisations. HR will need to contribute more directly to improving the performance of organisations if it is to play a core role in the businesses of the future. HR will need to focus on delivering outcomes. It will be important for HR to be defined by what it delivers rather than what it does.

Some of the drivers of change in the competitive environment are:

HR needs to concentrate on the requirements of the business as a basis for constructing its own new agenda. HR must become more involved with the business of the organisation rather than be a service add-on. If it does not secure a more integral role, it could become a victim of further downsizing. Some organisations are considering outsourcing options.


The New HR Role – Critical Development Needs

The new role for HR is to be involved with helping the business address the challenges in the competitive environment. This means the critical development needs for HR are:


Knowledge/Competency Requirements

The new knowledge and competency requirements that HR people will need to embrace are implied above. The key areas for personal development are likely to fall into the following:


Outline Development Process

This will be similar to the process HR should apply to enable organisational change within the business. The major steps will involve:

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