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International Conference

February 27, 2014 - In Assignment Portfolio, Strategic Change and Organisational Effectiveness Assignments - No comments yet

Topics covered:          

International Automotive Distribution Company – Principal Client: Chief Executive

Business Issue

Following a de-merger from a broad based multinational, this newly independent company wanted to test and develop its business strategy with its international management leaders from around the world.  It was very important to gain commitment to the new direction from this group of executives.  Also, the executive team wanted to enable each regional executive to recognise the benefits of being an independent organisation with the opportunity of developing a stronger and clearer presence in their local markets.

How We Helped

An international conference was scheduled and we were asked to assist with its design and provide focus with facilitation.  This involved a series of meetings with members of the top team and some regional executives to identify and shape the strategic issues for consideration and potential development.  We proposed a design for the working sessions in the conference programme and with the executive team agreed the details of each session’s working process.  We also helped the Chief Executive with the final preparations of his introductory talk.  Then we worked with executive team members to facilitate the two-day conference.

Outcomes and Results

The main strategic opportunities were discussed and common global themes informed key elements of the new strategy.  Company common purpose was clarified and strategic goals identified and developed.  Also the operating style of corporate head office was reviewed in relation to how it could foster team work and innovation across the international organisation.

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