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Management and Leadership Today By Richard Nelson

September 29, 2014 - In Featured, Leadership and Management articles - No comments yet

Here we look at the some of the main findings of the current situation produced by The Commission on the Future of Management and Leadership in their Management 2020 report.  After examining a ‘vast range of evidence’, the report says ‘the underlying weakness in management and leadership is holding back our economic performance.’

On reading the report it is clear that economic performance is not the only thing being negatively affected by inadequate management and leadership.  Individuals’ sense of achievement and job satisfaction are significantly limited.  Also, the lack of engagement of many employees means the malaise goes beyond their immediate jobs and negatively shapes their view of the organisations in which they work.

This situation is not healthy and certainly not rewarding for stakeholders, including the communities in which such organisations are situated.  As customers we all know what it’s like to deal with unenthusiastic employees.  Also, shareholders are not maximising the return on their investments in businesses and all of us are receiving services from less than well-managed public institutions.  But in many ways the unrealised economic performance is indicative, like poor scores on the score board, of the overall situation.

Other findings speak for themselves:

People unfamiliar with good leadership and management practice may feel these data are very difficult to change.  Fortunately for the UK and its organisations all of these challenges can be met over time.  The knowledge, practice and experience are available to develop the leadership necessary to build world class organisational cultures that will endure and generate sustainable rewards.

The key is for executive leaders to recognise that investing their time in clarifying purpose and vision, shaping culture, aligning organisational structures and processes, developing managers and involving them in the work to realise the vision, is their job.

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