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Organisational Integration and Reward Management

February 25, 2014 - In Assignment Portfolio, Strategic Change and Organisational Effectiveness Assignments - No comments yet

Topics Covered: 

Investment Management Company – Principal Clients: Head of Human Resources and Executive Chairman

Business Issue 

A major UK clearing bank wanted to integrate its asset management business into a newly acquired entrepreneurial international investment management company.  It aimed to use the planned harmonisation of grade and pay bands as the principal levers for organisation and cultural integration.  Also, there was some evidence of inconsistencies in performance and bonus awards which needed to be clarified prior to resolution.

How We Helped 

Selected for our change management capability, we structured the assignment into three phases: research and diagnosis, design and development and implementation.  In phase one, semi-structured interviews were conducted with key executives and focus groups run with staff and managers to gather information about the practices of both organisations regarding (1.) grading, role definitions including job titles, (2.) performance management and measurement and (3.) remuneration and reward criteria.  At the end of this phase we presented a report to the board.

The recommendations were accepted and phase two was commenced.  This involved designing policy and process options to address the requirements for the grading structure, performance measurement and reward management.  Once agreed, we worked with company executives to implement the new processes.  Key benchmark jobs were identified to which we applied our performance profile methodology to determine the accountabilities for remuneration and bonus awards.  This third phase was supported by a programme of briefings and communications to managers and staff.

Outcomes and Results  


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