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Organisational Research – 2

February 27, 2014 - In Assignment Portfolio, Strategic Change and Organisational Effectiveness Assignments - No comments yet

Topics Covered:

Electricity Company – Principal Client: Director of Human Resources

Business Issue 

The company had been conducting staff surveys using questionnaires and producing quantitative findings over the last five years.  Some useful information had been produced but failed to indicate the causes and experiences of managers and staff that shaped their opinions.  This was especially the case with respect to communication at all levels of the organisation.  As the company was facing substantial change in the market, executives wanted to obtain a better understanding of the issues to be addressed to improve communication.

How We Helped

We were requested to run a qualitative survey through holding focus group discussions across all functions and locations. The discussion topics on the focus group agenda were taken from the previous surveys.  These were designed into a Focus Group Agenda which was structured to cover topics in the categories of: your job, opportunities to contribute, sources of communication, credibility and effectiveness and improvements in the last two years.  A schedule was developed to ensure that all divisions and departments were represented.  Fifty six focus groups were conducted which included four hundred managers and staff.  On completion of the focus groups, we analysed all the output and produced a detailed report of findings and recommendations.

Outcomes and Results

The main issues identified were communication needs about: job and work, division and department, company, managers and communication, and management practice.  We made recommendations for immediate action for communicating the highlights of the survey and included improvements to internal newsletters and company papers.  We also made recommendations for developments to executive leadership and management practice.  These covered strategy formulation and implementation, performance management from the board down and linking this process to strategic and annual business planning, leadership and teamwork and management development.

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