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Talent Management – Personal Development followed by Learning and Development Programme

February 27, 2014 - In Assignment Portfolio, Talent Management and Personal Development Assignments - No comments yet

Topics Covered:

Investment Banking Division of a Major Dutch BankPrincipal Clients: Group Treasurer and Head of Human Resources

Business Issue

A new organisation for investment banking provided the opportunity to lay down some strong cultural themes about how it would relate to its stakeholders, especially clients and staff.  There was the desire to build a culture that would be attractive to people with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes and with sufficient value and depth to retain exceptional performers.  The  aim was to improve performance in growing the business and  manage costs more effectively.  We were asked to present proposals for a Personal Development Programme for the development of the Team Leader Desk Heads.

How We Helped 

A Programme was created that was based on our ‘Self-Directed Careers’ approach to personal development.  This is founded on the principle that dynamic businesses need individuals  who are prepared to take ownership of their own development.  Such ownership can be developed and aligned to achieving business goals if organisations build a personal development process  focused on the strategic development of the organisation.  The Personal Development Programme consisted of two phases:  diagnosis and planning and coaching. The first phase involved participants undertaking an in-depth career development interview, a range of psychometric profiles, a peer review, a life-work balance assessment and Personal Vision Formulation.  Following data analysis, participants had a half day Feedback meeting with our consultants and one week later a Development Planning Meeting to agree development activities and objectives.

The Team Leader personal development plans were analysed and we identified many common needs in relation to the strategic goals of the business.  A group report was produced and our client requested that we design a Learning and Development Programme to address the Team Leaders’ development, instead  of individual coaching.  A two module programme was designed; each module of three days duration was run in a highly participative way to enable learning.

Outcomes and Results

Two streams of Team Leader Desk Heads participated in the two module programme.  The first module, Leadership and Effective Management covered leadership in management, organisational dynamics, personal organisation and managing others, motivational analysis and communicating work requirements.  The second module, Personal Effectiveness and Coaching addressed managing performance, assertiveness and influencing style, influencing groups and individuals, conflict management, managing teams, giving and receiving feedback and coaching.  

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