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Senior and Middle Management Leadership Development

February 27, 2014 - In Assignment Portfolio, Leadership in Management Assignments - No comments yet

Topics Covered:

Information Systems Division of Financial Services Organisation – Principal Clients: Head of Human Resources and IT Director

Business Issue

Following a merger of two financial organisations, the Division aimed to improve its overall effectiveness by developing senior and middle managers together and in particular, focus on improved service and responsiveness to the business.  Other aims included better productivity through improved planning and objective setting, increased efficiency by raising accountability for cost and quality management and improving communication between IS managers to gain greater harmonisation of effort to achieve business goals.  The development aims were set against the background of the recent merger, where the cultural differences were most prominent between the two IS organisations.  The development programme was planned to foster cultural integration.

How We Helped

To accelerate the design and development of the programme, the client held a design day to discuss the learning aims and anticipated learning content required to meet the managers’ development needs.  After the design day discussions, we responded by producing a development programme consisting of two modules, the first of three days duration and the second of two.  Each run of the programme was to be attended by ten managers.  The first module focused on leadership and motivation and the second on communication and influencing.

Outcomes and Results

After the development of the programme was completed, we were asked to lead its delivery with the support of internal staff.  The first module addressed the learning styles of participants and then focused on leadership and the role of the manager in a business organisation.  Participants considered their leadership styles and how they could improve their impact in motivating and engaging people in common purpose.  Adapting to the different needs of individuals to enable the most effective leadership approach was a key learning topic.  The second module focused on communication and influencing capabilities to support people management and also to develop more effective client relations with business managers.  Further leadership development was completed with an emphasis on leading and developing teams.

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