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Strategy and Customer Orientation

February 25, 2014 - In Assignment Portfolio, Strategic Change and Organisational Effectiveness Assignments - No comments yet

Topics Covered: 

Financial Services Company of Major Clearing Bank – Principal Client: Managing Director

Business Issue

A financial services subsidiary of a major clearing bank requested our help in developing a new customer orientation to improve customer service and long term customer retention.

How We Helped

Organisational assessment interviews were conducted with a selection of executives and next level managers.  Following analysis of these interviews, we made recommendations for developments to the businesses strategic and cultural framework and for the leadership development of the regional managers.

Outcomes and Results  

We designed and facilitated an Executive Workshop during which the executive team developed a new core purpose, strategic goals, revised values and performance measures.  These were implemented to provide the foundation for the business planning process and organisational change.  To brief and involve the senior management we ran a Strategy Workshop and following this, a leadership development programme for regional managers to help establish the new customer orientation.

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