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Strategy Development and Executive Performance

February 25, 2014 - In Assignment Portfolio, Strategic Change and Organisational Effectiveness Assignments - No comments yet

Topics Covered:

Worldwide Express Distribution Company – Principal Client: Chief Operating Officer

Business Issue

Two business divisions had been merged and the company wanted to develop a new executive management process for running the combined business.

How We Helped

We met with executives in the main global centres to conduct assessments of the current organisation and management practice.  Following analysis of the executive meetings we produced recommendations for a new strategic and cultural framework and a new executive performance management process.  The recommendations were accepted and we continued to work with the company to deliver the following outcomes.

Outcomes and Results 

Two strategy workshops of two days’ duration were held with senior executives to create a new strategic and cultural framework.  This comprised a new vision, to summarise the new business purpose and direction, new strategic goals, performance measures (balanced scorecard), values and behaviours.

Following this the executive performance management process was developed.  This included two major elements:  executive accountability profiles for key executive positions covering the corporate centre, regional offices and country management and a new performance management process linked to the business planning/budget process.

Performance Planning Workshops were delivered for the global executives and when all elements had been agreed we ran a series of workshops and training events throughout the regional centres around the world to support implementation.

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