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Talent Management and Development

February 25, 2014 - In Assignment Portfolio, Talent Management and Personal Development Assignments - No comments yet

Topics Covered: 

International Bank Investment Division – Principal Clients: Group Treasurer and Head of Human Resources

Business Issue    

Recently established as a new division of an international bank, the Group Treasury ran the investment banking activities in the major financial centres around the world.  The opportunity to start anew provided opportunities and challenges that executive management wanted to address with the main aim to build an organisation that would sustain successful performance over the long term.  Developing the executive group into an effective leadership team with every member able to maximise their personal effectiveness was an important early requirement and the focus of our assistance.

How We Helped  

We designed a personal development process with the particular aims of encouraging a greater willingness to take personal initiatives, demonstrate empowerment and show a willingness to accept, embrace and drive change.  The process was in four stages:  a Career Development Workshop, Data Analysis, Individual Feedback and lastly, Development Planning.  The Career Development Workshop included firstly, an in-depth Personal Interview covering autobiographical history, sector competencies, development aims and ambitions and secondly, a Peer Review where individuals gave their perceptions of colleagues’ strengths and development opportunities.  The perceptions were synthesised into common themes to provide feedback information to all participating top team members.

The third element of the Career Development Workshop involved executives completing a selection of psychometric and behavioural inventories to identify career values and preferences for future career development.  Lastly a Life-Work Balance inventory was completed to provide a whole life context for development.

Following data analysis of all inputs each executive was provided with two meetings; firstly to receive feedback from the Career Development Workshop and then in a separate meeting, scheduled after each participant had had the opportunity of digesting their feedback, to plan their development goals and activities.  Where appropriate, further coaching was offered and undertaken.

Outcomes and Results

The process engaged all top team members successfully as their input was thorough and of high quality enabling the production of detailed and valuable personal development information.  Personal development plans were produced for each individual and were largely implemented leading to several successful executive management promotions.  

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