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Team Leader Development

March 6, 2014 - In Assignment Portfolio, Leadership in Management Assignments - No comments yet

Topics Covered:

Major Investment Management Company – Principal Client: Head of Human Resources

Business Issue

Investment Management team leaders had traditionally been appointed for their professional and technical success.  Executive management had identified the need to improve the managerial capabilities of the team leaders, especially in relation to managing people, individually and in teams.  Specific development areas included: the role of leadership in management, managing performance, giving and receiving feedback, building relationships with their team members and across the organisation with other functions, team effectiveness and shaping culture.

How We Helped

Initially, we met with key senior executives to discuss their expectations of the intended programme and obtain their views.  Following this diagnostic phase, we designed a two module programme of three and two and a half day’s duration.  Each module was designed for a maximum of ten participants with a 4-6 week interval to allow for some digestion of learning between modules.  After gaining agreement to the design and topic content of the proposed programme, we were asked to run the modules for two streams of managers.

Outcomes and Results

Module one commenced with some initial team building among the participating managers to enable learning during the programme and lay foundations for further team development.  Key learning sessions  were: personal organisation and managing others, leadership in management, leadership style, motivation and motivational analysis, communicating work requirements and leading team development.

Module two continued to develop learning and practice for managing teams and included: assertiveness and influencing style, influencing groups and individuals, managing conflict constructively, communication, giving and receiving feedback, managing performance and coaching.  The coaching element of the programme comprised of an overview of coaching, performance improvement and development planning, and coaching style to give managers a flexible approach.  Practice coaching sessions were undertaken using real case examples brought from work.

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