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Strategic Change and Organisational Effectiveness

Developing organisational effectiveness to improve business results successfully often requires substantial change. Starting with the right diagnosis of your current reality in relation to your desired competitive position is critical for ultimate success.  Our powerful diagnostics will help you identify the priorities for change and organise the necessary actions for implementation into a cohesive plan.

With the priorities agreed, we can work with you to shape your strategy and ensure that your structure, processes and systems, people and culture are aligned to your business purpose and direction.  Our expertise can be used to design and facilitate Board/Executive Team Workshops to build a robust common agenda among key leaders.  This will provide for engaging the next level senior managers in implementing change throughout the organisation.

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Managing Performance

The management of performance depends on managers’ skills and confidence as well as a suitably designed performance management process.  If you want to improve your management of performance, we can help you develop your process for objective setting, build a competency framework and include reward criteria.

To help build effective management practice, we can run Management Workshops to develop your managers’ skills and confidence for giving performance feedback (good and bad), running performance reviews, development planning and coaching.

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Leadership and Management Development

To support your managers who want to be effective leaders in managing in the competitive environment and deliver organizational and inspirational leadership internally, we can design and run tailored programs.

Other topics can include culture building, managing change – emotional engagement and project management, team building, performance improvement and coaching skills for managers.

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Talent Management and Personal Development

This includes mentoring executives for organizational leadership, implementing strategy and culture building as well as our structured Talent Reviews.

Talent Reviews use Structured Career Interviews, psychometrics and personal development planning to provide a basis for coaching and individual development.

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