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Leadership and Management Development


Perform With Excellence

Most people would agree that the capability to perform with excellence in the competitive external environment depends to a large degree, on the success of an organisation’s leaders and their people.

To help you develop organisational performance through more effective leadership and management, we can help you by designing and running tailored short workshops to address specific needs or longer programs covering a range of topics.



We believe that the following principles are important:


Learning Methods

You will be aiming to bring about positive change and performance improvement through building leadership and management capability.  Our approach is to design and run highly interactive and practical learning events to develop managerial capability and facilitate performance improvement.

These include short inputs on the principles of the learning topics and other practical sessions such as: case studies, practical individual and group exercises, diagnostic questionnaires, group discussions and project work to apply to work situations.

Our style of delivery is relatively informal and flexible to allow for managers’ different learning styles.  The importance of preparing for the transference of learning to work is prioritised and we help managers develop learning implementation plans.


Maximising Learning

We understand that your overall aim for managers’ learning and development is to develop their effectiveness in current roles and to develop their potential for future roles.

To help managers get the most out of learning and development, we encourage the understanding of each individual’s personal learning style.  Also important is ensuring that participating managers can work together effectively.

To enable participants to maximise their learning capabilities, start personal leadership development, develop group working capability and improve decision making, we suggest including some time on effective learning.


Leadership and Management Topics

Examples of the topics included in our Leadership and Management Development are:

Effective Learning

The Competitive External Environment

Personal Development

Leadership and Management

You Will Gain

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