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Strategic Change and Organisational Effectiveness


Robust Foundations from Purposeful Planning and Design

An effective organisation maximises results in the external environment and maintains agility and adaptability to the changing forces and pressures that affect the markets and communities in which it operates.  Building the robust foundations for success requires planning and design.

Purposeful planning and design creates clear business purpose and direction, ensures that the right people are in the leadership team and that effective team working is developed and sustained.  The organisational structure can be designed to facilitate strategy implementation.  Ways of working can also be established that will support the development of a unified culture which enables innovation and achievement that is rewarding and fun.


Delivering Value

We work with executives and managers wanting to implement change to improve effectiveness, typically addressing many of the issues here:


Defining Change Opportunities

You can use our expertise and diagnostic inventories, the Organisational Effectiveness Questionnaire (OEQ) or the Top Team Effectiveness Questionnaire (TTEQ), depending on your particular aims, to provide an objective diagnosis of your current situation in relation to where you want to be.  Both questionnaires can be tailored to fit with your way of doing things.

The design of these diagnostics enables the delivery of a gap analysis across critical areas of organisational effectiveness, highlighting improvement opportunities for change.

The OEQ will provide you with a gap analysis between current reality and your desired competitive position for: business purpose and direction, organisation structure, processes and systems, culture and people.

The TTEQ will provide you with a gap analysis between current reality and your desired position for: business purpose and direction, roles and organisation, operating processes, team relationships and organisational relationships and working climate.

The gap analyses can be enriched by conducting semi-structured interviews about key issues with executives and managers and where relevant, focus groups with staff.

Using the findings of the diagnosis, we help you to identify and prioritise the opportunities for improvement, develop strategies for change and actions for implementation.


Building the Change Agenda

How you build the change agenda is critical to your success.  This starts with the Board/Executive Team discussing and agreeing the key priorities distilled from the diagnosis of current reality in relation to your desired position.


Board/Executive Team Off-Site Workshops

Building the change agenda is best considered and discussed in an environment away from everyday pressures.  We can use our considerable experience to help you design an Off-Site Workshop to:


Strategic and Cultural Framework

You may want to refresh and/or develop parts of your purpose, strategy, performance measures and management approach to your organisation.  If so, you can make use of our Strategic and Cultural Framework model to develop an integrated framework that links:

This integrated framework will focus business planning, orientate the management approach to people and clarify relevant activity for performance management and enhance the motivation and engagement of everyone in the organisation.

You will gain very considerable benefits in effectiveness by bringing the ‘hard’ aspects of management, goals, performance measures etc. together with the ‘soft’ but tough issues such as values, behaviours and engagement.


Executive Performance and Accountabilities

To focus the top team on leading the organisation in achieving the right results you will want to have a balanced set of performance measures, possibly as part of your Strategic and Cultural Framework, see above.  Typical examples include: revenue generation, profitability, operational effectiveness, customer relationship management and people performance together with others that reflect your core professional/technical competencies.

These performance measures can be used to anchor executive accountabilities in a cohesive way.  Should you like help with defining executive accountabilities, we can work with you to develop accountability profiles that will crystallise:

Our methodology for defining accountabilities will provide the detail that will enable executives, managers and professionals to prioritise their work to execute the important business activities and produce the desired results.

You Will Gain

how we help you

There are many benefits to be gained from standing back from the day-to-day operating pressures to improve organisational effectiveness:



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