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Talent Management and Personal Development


Develop Potential

The capability to perform with excellence sometimes needs to be reviewed to find out what development an individual needs to achieve outstanding results.  If you want help to develop executives, high potential managers and/or professionals, we can work with you to design a programme appropriate for your business and participating managers.


Why Do It

For organisations – key individuals gain knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes needed for new business challenges and current and future roles.

For participants – the potential to contribute more effectively in the short and longer term as well as achieving personal aspirations is strongly developed


How It Works

At the outset, we discuss relevant aspects of your business strategy and work with you to define the development goals that will help frame the Talent Review (see below).  Then we work with each participant to identify areas for development and their personal aspirations.



The Talent Review uses selected parts of the following:

Structured Interview/Discussion: to review personal history, development aims, management competencies and behaviours

Psychometric/Behavioural Inventories: chosen to help participants gain objective insights into their development opportunities

360˚ Development Assessment: either customised for your business using core elements or developed using your competency framework

Peer Review: to determine team development opportunities

Personal Vision and Values: to provide focus for leadership development and building conviction

Life-Work Balance Analysis: to evaluate life-work balance in the context of overall quality


Data Analysis and Reporting

All data is analysed and structured into a confidential report that provides the basis of a Personal Feedback Meeting and the subsequent Development Planning Meeting.



This confidential meeting enables participants to explore their development opportunities and career aspirations in relation to their current and future career direction.


Development Planning

Participants summarise their agreed development opportunities and then, with guidance, identify development objectives and the learning activities to achieve them.

The final Personal Development Plan is presented to you and forms the basis of each participating manager’s development.



Personal development can involve a range of options that can be undertaken separately or as part of an integrated programme.


Learning and Development Workshops

These are for groups of managers who have completed the Talent Review and have common development opportunities. The Workshops deliver a powerful impact to organisations seeking to improve effectiveness in a specific business organisation.


Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and coaching are helpful for people who benefit from personal support:


Advising on Programmes

For other development needs, we can advise and make recommendations for specific learning and development programmes provided by third parties.


Development Implementation Review

At an appropriate time after the completion of the personal development actions, undertaking a short Development Implementation Review can make a very useful additional contribution; feedback can be gathered about the impact of the changes managers have implemented.

The feedback can help each manager to fine-tune their application of new learning and/or to guide and advance further development.

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