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Work Examples – Other Financial Organisations


Stock Exchange – HR Planning Workshop    

Topics Covered:

• Common Purpose       • Strategic Planning       • HR/Line Management Relationship

• Team Development       • Specialists and Teams       • Product/Service Definition

• Internal Marketing of HR


Principal Client: Head of Human Resources Development

Business Issue

Human Resources Development wanted to build a more cohesive strategy for serving their management clients and establish the future basis of the HR/line management relationship.  It was also important to ensure that a group of specialists with a range of interests was built into a team with a clear common purpose.

How We Helped

We met with a range of the senior HR practitioners and developed a strategic workshop programme to address the needs for strategic purpose and direction, a relationship management focus for serving client managers and for building a professional team.

Outcomes and Results Achieved

Personal aims were shared and personal ‘visions’ of the future developed for discussion and to serve as input to creating a vision for Human Resources Development’s support and contribution to the business.  Key services and products were identified along with the main ‘customer’ groupings that would benefit from the service range.  Following this, the principal means of communicating and marketing services to client managers were agreed.  A new basis for establishing and maintaining productive relationships with line managers was developed and finally, an action plan for implementing effective change was agreed.


Large Financial Services Group

To develop Senior Managers in relation to Group-wide competency framework created to enable the implementation of a new business strategy.

Designed and developed a Management Development Programme consisting of 3 modules totalling 9.5 days: (1) Competitive environment, business strategy, shareholder value, managing change; (2) Decision making, personal development, teamworking, cultural change; (3) Leadership, influencing, leading customer orientation.

One hundred and twenty managers developed over three years from across the group; secondary level evaluation indicated high transfer of learning to work.


Information Systems Division of Financial Services Company

To develop a group of Senior and Middle Managers with respect to new competency framework.

Designed, developed and delivered a two module programme totalling 5 days.

Participating managers developed in leadership, teamworking, developing high performance/motivation, communication and influencing, giving and receiving feedback, and effective negotiation.


Other Examples

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Helping You

creating alignment

Some of the organisations we have worked with.

-AXA Investment Managers
-ActionAid International UK
-Babcock Infrastructure Services
-Bombardier Transportation
-BP Oil
-Christian Salvesen
-Civil Aviation Authority
-Deutsche Bank
-Exel Logistics
-Haden Building Management
-INVESCO UK & Ireland
-London Stock Exchange
-Northcliffe Newspapers
-Northern Trust Company
-North Hertfordshire District Council
-Nottinghamshire Police
-Reliance Security Group plc
-Ricardo plc


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