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Work Examples – Logistics Organisations


Worldwide Express Distribution Company – HR Effectiveness Conference

Topics Covered:

• HR Effectiveness       • HR Role in Business      • Worldwide Conference

• Communicating and Marketing      • HR Consultancy      • HR/Line Manager Relationships

• Influencing

Principal Client:  Human Resources Director

Business Issue

The Human Resources Director wanted to improve HR Managers’ business impact and effectiveness.  A worldwide HR Conference was held to run a large scale Effectiveness Workshop.  The aims were to consider the business context, HR’s role in enabling success and the implications for personal effectiveness.  Other aims included: reviewing communication and promotional activities with the business, examining the consulting process, reviewing HR/client relationships, developing influencing skills and sharing best practice.

How We Helped  

We designed a full day conference programme that included some pre-conference diagnostic work for participants.  The programme addressed the business context together with current research about the financial benefits of effective people management and HR’s role in building successful organisations.  Working sessions examined the present role of HR around the international operations of the business and then considered communications and marketing, the HR consultancy process, HR/client relationships and influencing skills.

Outcomes and Results Achieved  

Fifty seven managers attended the conference from the worldwide country operations.  The business research was well received and stimulated some lively debate about how the HR community could improve its business impact.  The working sessions generated outputs that managers said would help them work more effectively with line managers to address their business needs.


Major Worldwide Express Distribution Company

To develop and implement new Executive Management process.

Organizational analysis and recommendations for new strategic framework. Senior Executive workshop programmes, development of new management process.

New vision, strategic goals and performance measures, core values and professional competencies. New performance and development process, accountabilities and standards defined for key Executive roles and 100 Senior Executives trained in the new process.


Large Moving Services and Transportation Company

To assist in the simplification of group business structures and strategic direction.

Executive interviews, programme design and development and facilitation of Top Management Workshops.

New group purpose, business area direction and fit and clarification of management processes.


Large UK Logistics Company

To review the current strategic situation (where we are now) and consider and shape the desired position (where we are going) for the business.

Developed review structure to work with Directors individually to identify main issues facing the Company e.g. market opportunities, acquisitions, customer relationship management. Then designed and ran strategic workshop for the Management Board to enable priorities to be agreed and action plans to be developed.

Market opportunities defined, targets reviewed and actions agreed. Customer relationship management analysed, strengths and weaknesses identified and change strategies formulated. Action plans, timeframes and Management Board Member accountabilities agreed.


UK Subsidiary of Worldwide Express Distribution Company

To develop Senior Managers in relation to business and management topics in order to improve the quality of management.

Senior Management Focus Groups and executive interviews to identify needs, development of 6 day programme and delivery involving approximately 50 managers. Follow-up workshops conducted 3 months after the programme.

Participating Managers developed in industry competition, strategy, financial management, supply chain management, leadership, change management, innovation, team development and coaching.


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