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Work Examples – Other Organisations


Major Public Sector Regulator and Services Provider

To assess the impact of strategic and cultural change on working climate.

Administering a quantitative survey questionnaire followed by Focus Groups, processing of findings and developing recommendations.

Analysis of organizational climate by major divisions and occupational groupings in relation to strategic and cultural change. Recommendations for improvement delivered to major divisions.


Regional Electricity Company

To establish the causes of trends and opinion impacting internal communications.

Focus Group programme to identify causes of opinion identified by quantitative surveys. Analysis of findings and development of recommendations for change.

Cause and effect analysis in relation to sources of communication, the credibility and effectiveness of comunication and recent company initiatives.


Facilities Management Company

To review and assess the competitive situation facing the Company and shape progress into a full service facilities management business. Corporate strategies and objectives evaluated, new business stream strategies developed and actions agreed.

Conducted individual assessment discussions with each Board member using our Model for Organisational Integration. Used the output of Board Member discussions to design the structure and content of Board Workshop Programme. This addressed corporate strategies, the requirements for successful implementation, barriers/constraints to growth and the Board’s role as a leadership team.

A full evaluation of Corporate strategies and objectives; an assessment of barriers and constraints to growth; development of business stream strategies; Board Team operating process consolidated; and action plans agreed.


Other Examples

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Some of the organisations we have worked with.

-AXA Investment Managers
-ActionAid International UK
-Babcock Infrastructure Services
-Bombardier Transportation
-BP Oil
-Christian Salvesen
-Civil Aviation Authority
-Deutsche Bank
-Exel Logistics
-Haden Building Management
-INVESCO UK & Ireland
-London Stock Exchange
-Northcliffe Newspapers
-Northern Trust Company
-North Hertfordshire District Council
-Nottinghamshire Police
-Reliance Security Group plc
-Ricardo plc


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